At Bronx Gardens, we take a person-centered approach to the care we provide, placing the needs and preferences of the individual above all else. 
Welcome to Bronx Gardens. Welcome to Citadel.

June began with a relaxing field trip to a Sunday matinee.


‘Sunday at the Movies’ is a monthly tradition where residents get to vote on a movie to see at the local theatre.

We took advantage of a beautiful sunny day for some outdoor fitness fun in the fresh air.


Some residents chose to stroll around, while others took part in a Thera Band stretch workout.

On a day where the sun was nowhere to be found, a trip to the bowling alley was a great way to spend our time.


Many residents were beginners, while others had been playing their whole lives and had some pointers. Everyone in the group had a spectacular afternoon!

To celebrate Father’s Day, we held a day-long social honoring all the fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers at Bronx Gardens.


Celebrations included a fresh air stroll, a ‘skinny leg contest’ and an assortment of delicious fudge! Family and friends spent time visiting and joining in on the fun throughout the day.

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