At Bronx Gardens, we take a person-centered approach to the care we provide, placing the needs and preferences of the individual above all else. 
Welcome to Bronx Gardens. Welcome to Citadel. 

The end of August already- where did the time go? At the Bronx Gardens, we’re sad to see Summer go but we know September will be even better!

Which is why we spent the last two weeks of August preparing for September, which is Healthy Aging Month!

And the key to aging well? Physical Activity!

Here are a few of our residents’ favorite programs

Chair Volleyball 

Chair Volleyball is an all-inclusive sport so everyone, even wheelchair-bound residents, can get a great upper body workout. Residents pair up in teams and get to socialize too, so they get to develop their social relationships along with muscle tone.


We occasionally play music in the background, residents choice, as teammates compare favorite musicians and songs!

Thera Band Stretching is a great resistance based workout for all seniors. Workouts can be tailored to your physical ability and greatly reduce an older adult’s risk of falling.


Stretching also increases seniors’ mobility and reduces aches and pains. Just like Chair Volleyball, Thera Band Stretching can be used by older adults in need of wheelchairs.

Fresh Air Stroll

It did rain quite a bit this August, but residents were still able to get outside for Fresh Air Strolls!


Walking in pairs or groups is a great way to increase socialization and blood flow! Plus, what’s better than spending an August afternoon soaking up the sun? 

Bowling Night

Whether they get a turkey the first game or struggle to make it out of the gutter, bowling nights bring residents back to the “good old days.” They reminisce and joke around their teammates all while getting a great workout.

image4Bowling improves flexibility and balance, which decreases the likelihood of a fall, and helps seniors work on their hand-eye coordination. 

Not sure which activity is right for you? Just keep moving! Moderate physical activity, whether it’s a light walk or an intense game of chair volleyball goes a long way.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy end to Summer.

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