At Bronx Gardens, we take a person-centered approach to the care we provide, placing the needs and preferences of the individual above all else. 
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As many of you know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But, did you know that as you get older, your risk of breast cancer goes up? In fact, most breast cancers are found in women age 55 and older.


Because we work with aging adults and their families – this awareness campaign holds a very special place in our hearts. Our staff members and residents came together for our 2018 Day of Pink to show their support.

We can not stress the importance of early detection. When you’re a family caregiver, it becomes all too easy to put off your own checkups and ignore warning signs. But it’s important to remember that when you take care of your own health, you’re also taking care of your loved ones. Bronx Gardens cares, go get a mammogram!

 We would like to sincerely thank all of our team members who work tirelessly to help inform residents and their families about prevention, the importance of early detection, and treatment options. Your hard work does not go unnoticed!


In addition to breast cancer awareness, October is known for bringing attention to our respiratory needs – breathing matters!

For Respiratory Care Week, we celebrated our dedicated Respiratory Team with a Respiratory Rocks cake! As October comes to close and Respiratory Care Week ends, we know their dedication to their patients will continue for years to come.

 Above all else, our primary goal is to help our residents return to a life filled with good health and independence. Our amazing team makes this possible, and we are so thankful for their dedication.

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Bronx Gardens

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